On October 24-25 the Kuban branch of the Russian-American Project “Research and Educational Eco-Analytical Center for System Studies, Mathematical Modeling and Geo-Ecological Safety of Southern Russia” (REC-004) received the experts from the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The group of 9 experts – Loren Graham (Harvard University, USA), Frank-Kamenetzky (Boston University, USA), John Modzelevski (CRDF, Arlington), Lauren Bowers (CRDF, Arlington), Maria Lukina (CRDF, Moscow), Valery Shestak (Ministry of Education of the RF), Viktor Gurashvili (”Triniti” State Research Center, Kurchatov Institute), Maria Vasilieva (Ministry of Education of the RF), Ludmila Vasilieva – came to Kuban State University in the framework of the final, reporting stage of the program. The expert group had already visited Rostov State University and Taganrog State University for Radio-Engineering, the partners of KubSU in the work on the project. The purpose of their visit was to expertise basic results of the work of the scientists from three higher education institutions on the project, which had been implemented for 3 years. Details...

On October 14-18 the First Training Seminar “Mathematical Modeling, Calculating Mathematics, and Geophysics” was held in the framework of the Rostov branch of the Research and Educational Center REC-004. The seminar was intended for undergraduate, postgraduate students, and young scientists of Kuban State University, Rostov State University, and Taganrog University for Radio-Engineering. Kuban State University was represented by the delegation consisting of 5 fourth-year students from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, 4 postgraduate students, and 2 lecturers.
KubSU students and postgraduates delivered reports; lecturers spoke about urgent problems of mathematical modeling of physical, technological, and economic processes. A round-table discussion for the students, postgraduates, and young scientists involved in the project was organized in the framework of realization of Project REC-004. The conference was held in friendly atmosphere, and was characterized by useful exchange of experience and joint creative search. Proceedings of the seminar will be published in the nearest future and presented at the Department of Mathematical Modeling.

Third All-Russian Conference of Grant-Awardees of the Regional Competition “R 2000yug” with the Foreign Participation organized by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research
and the Administration of the Krasnodar Region. Details...

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