Third All-Russian Conference of Grant-Awardees
of the Regional Competition “R 2000yug” with the Foreign Participation
organized by
the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research
the Administration of the Krasnodar Region

Topics of the Conference:

  • Mathematics, Informatics, Mechanics
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Biology and Medical Science
  • Earth Sciences
  • Sciences about Man, Nature and Society
  • Creation and Development of Information, Computing and Telecommunication Resources for the Needs of Fundamental Research

A hard copy and an electronic variant of the general description of the project (1-2 pages) should be submitted before September 10, 2002. The electronic variant may be submitted through the following e-mail: Sheet size: A4; type: Times New Roman - 12; interval: 1,5. Headline should be printed in capital letters, type 14 (extra bold). Authors – initials and last name. Place of work: city, e-mail. Headline, names and surnames of the authors, place of work and an abstract (about 80 words) are to be translated into English.
Proceedings of the conference will be published.

Th registration card filled by the participant is to be submitted to the Organization Committee before September 20, 2002.
Official language of the conference – Russian.

The conference agenda will be as follows:

  • the exhibition of innovation projects, which have been carried out in the framework of the “R98kuban” and “r2000yug” programs;
  • a working meeting “Results of the Three-years Cooperation and Perspectives for the French-Russian Research in the Framework of RFFR Programs and New Regional Programs” with the participation of representatives from the RFFR, CNRS and French Membrane Club, Russian and French scientists, who carry out research in the framework of CNRS-RFFR programs;
  • a round-table discussion “Peculiarities of the “South Russia – 2003 ” Regional competition held by the RFFR and the Krasnodar Region Administration”;
  • a round-table discussion “Results of the Russian-American Project REC-004”.

The conference will take place on October 21-24, 2002 in the following address:
“Avtotransportnik Rossii” Health Resort
Agoi village, Tuapse District
Krasnodar Region 352830
Tel/fax: (86167) 6-78-72
Tel.: (86167) 6-77-58

Organization Committee:

M.V. Alfimov, Chairman of the RFFR Council, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science
G.S. Doroshenko, Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Region
V.A. Babeshko, President of KubSU, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Science

A.A. Ivanova, General Director, Department for Education and Science of the Krasnodar Region
A.B. Yaroslavtzev, PhD, DSc, Professor, Executive Secretary, RFFR
B.D. Yeletzky, Deputy General Director, Department for Education and Science of the Krasnodar Region
I.T. Trubilin, PhD, DSc, Member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
V.I. Zabolotzky, PhD, DSc, Professor, Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School
B.A. Lapin, PhD, DSc, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Mathematical Sciences
E.A. Egorov, PhD, DSc, Professor
A.A. Gavrilov, PhD, DSc, Professor
G.B. Yakovenko, PhD, DSc, Professor

Contact Information:
Department of Education and Science of the Krasnodar Region
180 Stasova str.
Krasnodar 350075
Tel.: (8612) 35-10-98
Tel/fax: (8612) 35-04-15
Kuban State University
149 Stavropolskaya str.
Krasnodar 350040
Tel/fax: (8612) 69-95-73; 69-95-17

149 Stavropolskaya st., Krasnodar, Russia, phone: +78612699501,